Festival of

One-Act -Plays

Youth Drama Groups  & Community  Theatre Companies

You are invited to perform in the  1 st annual

Newmarket Festival of One-Act Plays          

October 5th, 6th, & 7th, 2017     

in the

“Snap'd Auditorium”

Produced by:

The Very Useful Theatre Company 

& the Newmarket Rotary Club

The “Snap'd Auditorium”


The “Snap'd Auditorium” is a marvelous 180 seat performance hall in the Old Town Hall in the heart of Historic Downtown Newmarket. The performance hall was completely re-built, remodeled and opened in October 2016. It offers skilled professional staff in a state-of-the-art technical booth that provides a level of technological excellence few other theatrical performance venues can match.

The Old Town Hall Newmarket Ontario


This is an opportunity to showcase your group’s talents and capabilities. The festival includes a competition judged by an independent adjudicator. 

  • The  Best Youth Group production will receive:    The  Newmarket Rotary Club Award and  $150 Cash Prize

  • The  Best Community Theatre  production will receive:  The  “Ross” Award and $200 Cash Prize.


The Format                                



The Newmarket Festival of One-Act Plays is a festival of one-act plays, in a competitive format. Plays will be presented each evening Thursday Oct. 5, Friday Oct. 6, and Saturday Oct. 7 th . The festival includes a cash prize and an award; for the best plays judged by an independent adjudicator.

What's included:

An evening performance slot in the SNAPD Auditorium at the Old Town Hall within the time period given, which will include 10 minutes to set up, plus the performance period and 10 minutes to strike.

A Technical/Dress rehearsal on the day of your performance. This will be a daytime rehearsal performance slot. Please ensure all cast and everything required for your performance is available. This will be your only opportunity to rehearse the show in the venue with the technical staff before your performance.

The technical Operator and staff from the SNAPD auditorium will be present for your Technical/Dress rehearsal and performance. The town of Newmarket does not allow outside technical staff to operate their equipment. However your technical staff and crew can advise the venue staff on your lighting and sound cues, keeping in mind that two groups will be performing on the same stage that evening.


The festival includes:

  • Full administration including Publicity and Insurance.

  • A presenter to introduce and MC the evening.

Entry Considerations:

As well as keeping within the 20-55 minute time slot, we ask that you consider the following:

•   As technical and set up/strike time is limited it is advisable not to be reliant on elaborate staging, sets or effects. There is a limited amount of storage space available at the venue and this has to be shared with other shows.  

•   No costumes or props can be stored at the venue before or after your performance day. So if you can't carry it to and from the venue it is not advisable to use it.  

•   The running time at the dress rehearsal should not exceed 55 minutes or be under 20 minutes.


The performing group is responsible for royalty payments. A letter confirming permission from the publisher or, for original plays from the playwright must be submitted with your submission and the acceptance of your time slot.    

Entry Fees

Very Useful Theatre Company is a non-profit production company, therefore in order to cover the costs we ask that each Community Theatre Company that participates in the festival, pay an entry fee of $100.  The entry fee goes towards covering the cost of the insurance.  

Rehearsal Space

All participants will be provided with FREE rehearsal space the day of their production. To take advantage of the free rehearsal space; please submit a request with your submission. Rehearsal time slots will be assigned for the day of your performance.  

Adjudication & Awards

We are delighted to have the festival adjudicated. The Festival of One Act Plays cash prizes and the adjudication awards will be presented Saturday evening October 7 th following the last performance. Refreshments will be provided. Members of the public cast and crew and friends are welcomed to attend the awards ceremony admission is free. 



Your company will be allocated complimentary tickets for the evening their show is performing, these are intended for the writer, director and production crew, however, if they are unable to attend these tickets may be used for other individuals. Depending on the ticket sales and capacity other members of their company will be allowed in to watch the other companies perform on their night. Tickets are $10,  and a single night ticket for a family of 4 is available for $30.   



Please put “NEWMARKET FESTIVAL OF ONE ACT PLAYS SUBMISSION” in the subject line of your email.                        

For more information contact:

Very Useful Theatre Company



Please provide as much of the following information as possible

•    For new play specify “This is a New Play” with your synopsis.

•    Plays should be between 20-55 minutes in length. 

•    Title of Play and name of Playwright  

•    Running time for your play

•    Number of actors

•    Play Synopsis (50 to 100 words)

•    Copyright Agency (for published plays only)

•    Sound requirements

•    Lighting requirements

•    Contact Person for your play.

•    Name and contact information of our stage manager.

•    Include: your name, address, phone number, and email address with your submission   

For original scripts- only

Original script submissions, hard copy and/or electronic copies will be returned to the applicant.

Scripts should be emailed to all submissions will receive a reply email to ensure that your submission was received. 

Submissions for published plays should be sent to



For more information contact:

Very Useful Theatre Company

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Festival Volunteers


Interested in Theatre but not as an actor, playwright, or director? The Very Useful Theatre Company is seeking Volunteers to support the third annual One-Act Play Festival.  Let us know how much time you have, we are seeking all levels of support, a few hours once or a full Festival support position.

No experience necessary!

We support High School Volunteer hours as well.


 “We would like acknowledge that the Town of Newmarket is located over lands originally used and occupied by the First Peoples of the Williams Treaties First Nations and other Indigenous Peoples and thank them for sharing this land. We would also like to acknowledge the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation as our close neighbour and friend, one that we strive to build a co-operative and respectful relationship with”.

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