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Festival Volunteers


Interested in Theatre but not as an actor, playwright, or director? The Very Useful Theatre Company is seeking Volunteers to support the third annual One-Act Play Festival.  Let us know how much time you have, we are seeking all levels of support, a few hours once or a full Festival support position.

No experience necessary!

We support High School Volunteer hours as well.


 “We would like acknowledge that the Town of Newmarket is located over lands originally used and occupied by the First Peoples of the Williams Treaties First Nations and other Indigenous Peoples and thank them for sharing this land. We would also like to acknowledge the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation as our close neighbour and friend, one that we strive to build a co-operative and respectful relationship with”.

Casting Call

AUDITIONS JULY 21st, 22nd & Aug 11th

Newmarket Library 438 Park Ave

email for audition time


Mallory A - kind, thoughtful,                        somewhat shy

Mallory B – her depressed &                      angry self (darker)

Mallory C – her happier self                        (brighter)


Directed by Sergio Calderon



Polar Bear


Beria: Soviet Head of Secret Service 

Anna: American Journalist


Lacy Miles Barb Bob

Directed by Kay Valentine


JEREMY, the bartender
SADIE, bar patron & park 
employee from Canada

PALMER, bar patron & trail crew

worker from New England

MAISEY, waitress from Tennessee
ANDREW, bar patron & cook from Montana
RANGER JAN, Park Ranger
ED, Owner of the town
MS. CALHOUN, business associate of Ed
MAN, bar patron/touron
WOMAN, bar patron/touron

A Children's Play


Princess Lucy
Prince Peter
Princess Pauline Princess Penny Desdemeana, the witch Astronomer

reporter #1 Magic Mirror King Townspeople

Directed by Joanna Kaufmann

The VUTC One-Act Play Festival is looking for actors to perform in 6 one-act plays produced at this year’s festival which runs Oct 4th-6th, 2018.  Actors could be cast in more than one play if available-Each play is performed as an independent production, so actors should be prepared to work with different companies under different directors.  Performances will be at the Old Town Hall Theatre in the town of Newmarket, Ontario.  

Auditions will take place in Newmarket schedule yet to be determined.  The vision of the Festival is to promote the diverse voices and perspectives of artists from York Region   To that end, The Festival celebrates diversity of all kinds whether in its casting choices or selection of plays for the festival program.  


Those who wish to perform in this festival must be available to rehearse in Newmarket, Ontario, through the performance week ending Oct 6th, 2018.  Each play will be require 30-40 hours total rehearsal time.   Actors can expect up to three hours of rehearsal in a day.   ​

We do our best to make the Festival a welcoming, creative, respectful, and supportive environment for our performers.  Our rehearsals are held in spacious, clean facilities with helpful staff.  The 2017 shows were well-attended with highly appreciative audiences.  This is a great place to work!

Successful candidates will have a passion for live theatre and a strong belief in the importance of the rehearsal process.  As these are short plays with little or no set, actors have to sustain a depth of character that invests the audience in the truth of an imaginative world. As well there will be an Actors Recognition of first place $250; second place price of $150, or third place prize of $100, this honorarium will be sponsored by a local business.      

Click below to submit a digital CV in a PDF format to the VUTC 

Resumes (CV) should include your contact information, and a head shot photo.  If you wish to submit a cover letter, please include it as part of your resume package and not as part of your email.

Candidates under consideration for acting roles will be contacted by email at advance of auditions.  Successful candidates will be notified approximately one week after the conclusion of auditions.

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