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The prestigious Very Useful Theatre Company is presenting the Newmarket Festival of One-Act Plays this coming Oct. 5 to 7, at the elegant Old Town Hall in the heart of historic downtown Newmarket.

As you can imagine, a lot of manpower is needed to host this annual festival. The Very Useful Theatre Company is looking for volunteers to help with our planning committee and actually get involved in the actual running of the One-Act Play Festival.

For people wanting to get involved in theatre, or just looking to spend a few hours doing something completely different, this is a perfect opportunity to get involved.

The Very Useful Theatre Company has been around since 1993 and we are always looking for volunteers. In addition to the Newmarket Festival of One-Act Plays, the VUTC also hosts ‘A Charles Dickens Dramatic Reading of A Christmas Carol’ each December in Newmarket.

The Very Useful Theatre Company is also in the planning stages of resurrecting a gala night to honour a person of special recognition in our community.

So you see, there are lots of opportunities for volunteers with the Very Useful Theatre Company! 

      1. Supervisor of volunteer teams
      2. Ticket Sales/Marketing
      3. Event Coordinator & Support
      4. Stage/Set Management & Support

If you are a student, adult or senior we need your skills smiles and good will if interested:   

Call our President: John Dowson at 905-836-5464 or 

Write to: vutc@rogers.com. 

Please provide the following information in your email:



Phone Number: ( home & mobile)

Provide a CV or list of skills or areas you wish to support, preferred volunteer days and preferred activity level ( 'light'-desk work,'moderate'-on your feet, 'active'-on your feet on the run!)

THANK YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING FOR THE VERY USEFUL THEATRE COMPANY!  Any amount of time you can give will be greatly appreciated! We will acknowledge, via email, receipt of your application